Welcome to this Visual Basic 6.0 Reference. Visual Basic 6.0 is an application scripting language found in many Microsoft products, such as Word, Excel, and MS Access. VB6 can also be coded standalone by itself with the Visual Studio product.

Target Audience: Our target audience for this reference is an individual with some knowledge of Visual Basic or VBScript. Examples may show some concepts unfamiliar to those who are beginning to understand the language.

Many of the same functions also exist for VBScript which is used in web pages, however VBScript only works in Internet Explorer. VBScript is also use to code server side .asp pages on Microsoft web servers.

Here we will explore how to use various functions in your VB6 applications or VB6 for applications. Many of these functions also work for VBScript!


Function Groups: Some functions of similar nature or functionality have been grouped together. Notes are added in the function description as to what each function specifically does.

Function Arguements: Arguments listed in brackets [arg] are optional arguements. arguements without brackets are required.